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Changemakers List

The Changemakers List recognises initiatives that make the tech industry more inclusive of women and gender minorities. The criteria we use is our definition of impact, which we assess in relation to 3 core areas:


What has changed as a result of this initiative?
Describe a theory turned into action (e.g. changes to hiring process and workplace culture, improving gender diversity and equality within a team, improving the work environment to cater better for women)


How has this initiative raised the profile of women in software?
Describe how this initiative helps women gain more influence (e.g. education and spreading awareness, connecting women with role models, championing or platforming women, connecting women with gainful employment or new community)


How is this initiative unique in inspiring future change?
Describe how your initiative may inspire other organisations and teams to make a change (e.g. an imaginative or creative approach to solving the problems faced by women in tech, a different or unique solution)

Please feel free to nominate a team (including yours!) who:
  • Has an office based in the UK;
  • Is not necessarily an engineering team – but must have some kind of relationship with a tech team;
  • Has launched or led an initiative which has taken place any time since January 2017.